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(Jul 04, 2021)
WarBird Squadron has moved to Star Citizen!

Check out our website at:

And join us on Discord!
(Jan 25, 2020)
Flight Night starting at 8 PST/11 EST tonight! Who's flying?!?
(Jan 11, 2020)
We now have a Discord channel!
(Jan 18, 2018)
Hey all. We need someone to run the All For One achievement. There is a decoration drop we badly need for the strongholds.
(Jan 06, 2018)
(Dec 23, 2017)
I will not be attending Flight Night tonight. Mourning the death of a dear, dear friend.
(Dec 17, 2017)
FLIGHT NIGHT! Who's flying?!?
(Dec 12, 2017)
HAPPY LIFE DAY 2017!!! Be sure to stop by our HQ on Coruscant and check out all the Life Day decorations!
(Dec 09, 2017)
FLIGHT NIGHT! Hope to see you there! - CAG
(Dec 04, 2017)
(Nov 11, 2017)
I'm in game. Who wants to fly?
(Jun 03, 2017)
I will be flying tonight! Who's with me?!?
(Apr 18, 2017)
Does anyone know a member named Nico?
(Apr 15, 2017)
Thinking about adding in the ground game to my play. The thing is I know nothing about this new system. Anyone have a good link to a great Jedi Knight DPS build?
(Apr 15, 2017)
Yes I am still alive. My work schedule has caused me to no longer be a nightowl like I was. I will be playing more often. Miss you guys! - CAG
(Nov 27, 2016)
I am also flying tonight!
(Nov 27, 2016)
I paid for it.
(Oct 21, 2016)
Its up to you gabe. If you need donations to help with the cost I'm up for that.
(Oct 20, 2016)
The invoice on our Teamspeak server is due. Are we going to maintain it or let it go?
(Oct 18, 2016)
I am going to be out of town and not be able to fly for about a month. See you guys when i get back!