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Welcome To WarBird Squadron! New Applicants Start Here!

Gabirel / Jul 17, 2015
If the sound of a starfighter's blasters blazing and engines screaming gets your blood pumping, then WarBird Squadron is for you! We're a fun, active GSF guild, helping *ALL* skill levels, and are active on The Harbinger server. WarBird Squadron was created back in the days of the Star Wars Galaxies MMO. Our goal is to become an elite space PVP unit and recreate an authentic, thrilling, space combat experience with uniforms, call signs, and realistic combat calling lingo. Most importantly, we want to have lots of fun and support each other in becoming the best GSF unit in the Galaxy.

• To enlist, click here!
• Check out the forums here!
• Check out our Flight Operations and Dress uniforms!
• Download and install TeamSpeak (free program used for in-game communication) here!

Until All Of The Galaxy Is Free,


Fleet Admiral Gabirel Shepherd
Commander Air Group, WarBird Squadron
Callsign: WarBird I


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